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  • Hi! My name is Emilio Porto, I'm an indie Filmmaker and a Social Communication student. I'm 23 years old. I'm from Venezuela and I have Spanish nacionality too. I dominate Spanish and English languages and I'm pretty good at writting and traslating in both of those languages too. I've been working in the audiovisual media for about 4 years and I've learn a LOT about the whole process of producing any audiovisual project. I specialize on: - Pre-production: Writing screenplays, technical scripts and storyboards. - Production: Cameraman and directing (this is mostly my field), illumination, composing a shot, organizing and even acting. - Post-production: Video editing and montage, musicalizing, colorizing and color correction. - Publicity: Even though my strength is all about the producing process, I know about social and advertiding since that's what I'm currently studying. I've learn a lot about writing and redacting any kind of text, specially chronicles and news for radio and TV.
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denome   5.00  Thailand

Excellent work once again. Both the English transcription and Spanish subtitles worked well.

6 days, 4 hours ago
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