Graphics & Design Game Design

Pablo Gonzáles

Adobe Suite, Social Media and others.

° Over a decade of experience using the internet. ° Managed many successful social media profiles in various sites, such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter, with over 10M+ impressions overall. ° Years of experience using Adobe Suite for images, videos, and 3D models (using plugins like Element 3D). ° Created many 3D models for videos, pictures and games.


Gabriel ACM

Visual Designer

I am Gabriel Alejandro Contreras Medina, my name to the public is GabrielACM. Designer with 21 years and some more experience, working in Mexico, Venezuela and Spain. Creative and a bit rebellious are two words that can identify me at the time of design, responsible and innovative are two words that inspired me in life, "Lover of design and Esports" a phrase that became part of me. I invite you to be part of my creative process. Te invito a ser parte de mi proceso creativo.


Maria Lucia Martíns

Docente _abogado

Yo Maria Lucia Martíns, Soy maestra de prescolar y trabajos con tareas dirigidas ,me gusta dibujar y redactar cuentos



Ricardo Vásquez

Higher Technician in Graphic Design

Dear future employers, I'm a successful a Technical Support & IT professional, an aspiring indie videogame developer and designer and a Junior Graphic Designer, with ample experience working remotely, coordinating large groups and managing tight budgets. As such, here are some of the skills that I can bring to your endeavors: -Great flexibility and adaptation, as well as a vast knowledge, both practical and academic of a variety of topics -Creativity and ingenuity to make the most bizarre projects success, more less as intended, as you know, sometimes, compromises are necessary. -Around two decades worth of experience in Technical Support and Gaming in general (including but not limited to: beta testing, engine development and UI/UX design, spriting, and debugging). I don't know if my degrees, work experience or skillset are enough to fulfill your particular requirements, but I hope to be a great asset in your business venture. With anything less to add, thank you for your consideration.


Jorge Paraqueimo



joses andres


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Aaron Mendez



Ricardo Silva

I'm a electronic engineer student looking for jobs

Hi my name is ricardo I'm a electronics engineer student who want to work


Rene Esparza

Persona desempleada

Hello, my name is Rene esparza, I am an unemployed 21-year-old Venezuelan boy, I look for any job that I have the ability to do, I give the greatest importance to work and I consider myself responsible. Hola, mi nombre es Rene esparza. soy un chico venezolano de 21 años desempleado, busco cualquier trabajo que yo tenga la capacidad de realizar, le otorgo la mayor importancia al trabajo y me considero responsable.