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Claudio Romero Barros

Claudio R.B

Hello, how are you? My name is Claudio, I am a self-taught young man, since I was a teenager I have loved programming, however I did not have enough resources to have a computer, and I remember that I did my first programs by formatting on sheets of paper and then going to a A place where I had a computer and formatted them in a programming language, I always loved python, however for work reasons and to find better employment opportunities, I decided to train in Javascript, PHP, HTML, CSS. I have knowledge of frameworks such as Django for python, Laravel for PHP, React, React Native, Angular, Nodejs, Electron for Javascript, I master advanced formatting techniques with Html5 and use FlexBox, CSS Grid with CSS3. My passion is programming as I told you, and I am always in constant study and evolution, I always love learning new technologies and exploring them. I am a lover of this world, and I love being part of it, thank you for reading my profile and giving me the opportunity to express myself with you :)


Carlos Avilan


CARLOS AVILAN Consultor y programador Trabajando desde 1986 34 años hacen la diferencia • DESTREZAS Y COMPETENCIAS • Optimización de Bases de Datos. • Procesos y aplicaciones WEB • Publicidad en Redes Sociales. • Seguridad Informática. • Experiencia en Seguros y Diseños de sistemas del área. • Manejo de Equipos de Programación. • Habilidades de Liderazgo. • Optimización de Recursos. • HABILIDADES • Conocimientos en el uso de API y websock para el desarrollo de interface con APP y webpages, Trabajado en API de exchanges de cryptomonedas. • Sólidos conocimientos en Sistemas de Administración de Contenidos JOOMLA,WORDPRESS y MOODLE. • Sólidos conocimientos en PHP, PL/sql, Java, Visual Basic, .NET, Java Script. • Sólidos conocimientos y Experiencia en Bases de Datos ORACLE, Sybase, Mysql. @cavilanr @cavilan


juan manuel Martinez

juan manuel martinez


Alessandro Puchetti

Service Remote

We give remote support for your PC wherever you live. Optimizations to improve speed, settings, virus removal, program installations and much more. Services We are specialists in remote PC support. Our technicians are trained to deal with all kinds of problems that normally arise on a computer and in most cases, they can solve them remotely, wherever you are. REQUEST SUPPORT Optimizations Software installation Configurations Troubleshooting Virus Cleaning Drivers Backups Consulting Remote support By installing a small free application we can have remote access to your PC (with prior authorization) and work on it as if we were in front of the computer. This process is totally safe and you can also visualize in real time what we do on your computer during the entire duration of the support session.



Especialista IT y Ciberseguridad

Hola! Soy Informático (Especialista IT y Ciberseguridad). Tengo 13 años de experiencia en el área de las Tecnologías Informáticas. Tengo 6 años de experiencia como Especialista en Ciberdefensa de Infraestructuras Tecnológicas. Tengo 3 años como Líder de equipos de trabajo. Saludos Cordiales!


Jose Subero

Sysadmin | DevOps

Docker | Git | Shell | Sysadmin | Security | Linux | Ansible | AWS | GCP | Azure| ProxmoxVE | DevOps | SQL | AWK