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Emikarlle Moreno

Bachiller, estudiante de informática.

Bienvenid@! Me llamo Emikarlle y soy bachiller de la República de Venezuela y actualmente estudiante de informática. He realizado trabajos de páginas web con wordpress, he realizados varios logotipos para empresas, he editado videos para canales de youtube, me encanta dibujar, hago retratos, caricaturas y he hecho dibujos para el diseño de tatuajes aesthetics, me gusta todo lo relacionado con nutrición, vida, salud y fitness. Soy amable, me gusta que todos mis trabajos están hechos con la mayor dedicación posible, si le parece que mis conocimientos se adecuan a su tarea, no dude en contratarme ;)


Geral León


Hello! My name is Geraldine, I am 16 years old and I live in Venezuela. I have knowledges about editing photos, writing books, beta reading, voice overing, translating, making book covers, taking photos, and others. I work with Photoshop to edit photos. I speak spanish perfectly, my english is very well, and I have a few knowledge about french, italian, portuguese and japanese.


Ronniellys Quilarquez

Ronniellys Quilárquez

Mi nombre en Ronniellys y estoy dispuesta a trabajar en las habilidades que señale u otras donde pueda desenvolverme, no se arrepentiran!!


Viviana Quinto


Architect, CAD, Sketchup, 2D, 3D, homes and landscaping design. Chibi Style im Corel Draw. Social Media Manager. Girl Voice


Eileen Rada

Journalist / Writer / Copy writer


Giulianna Ianni

Graphic Desingner


Maria Amado

Journalism student, ELS and creative writing

My name is María and I'm currently a journalism student, majoring mainly on marketing. I've taught English as a private teacher and on Cevaz Academy, I've also worked as a promoter and in a call center. However I find myself comfortably working on anything that envolves the skills marked on my profile and I'm looking forward to learn and addapt to anything that pushes me out of my comfort zone, willing to work my best and hardest. I'm a very creative person that finds joy in expressing and molding your business's comercial needs with scrupulous and methodic words and artistic direction for marketing and customer-catching multimedia. I love to meet people that's willing to find ways for pushing each other to give the best out of a task given, as well as helping others to perfectionate or build up their skills with patience.