Privacy Policy: is gether its users details. It collect following information of users based on client and freelancer role.

  • Firstname - individuals firstname:
  • Lastname - last name of user
  • Email - email of user
  • Role - whether i want to work as a freelancer or i need some freelancers for my work
  • Username - username on
  • Password - password for accessing

Apart from this we can collect following information

  • IP address
  • Application access location
  • User behaviour on venezuelaworkers will neither share details with any thirdparty application not used its user details while promoting its platform.


  • is based on B2B business model. We provide a platform for client and freelancers where client can share there requirement and choose best freelancer
    available to fulfill those requirement using Bitcoin

We Providing:

  • Platform for clients to put there requirements
  • Resolve conflicts between client and freelancer